Bell makes The Times Top 25 Country Dining Pubs

Want to eat in one of the ‘Top 25 Country Pubs for Food’ in the country? Better come to The Bell! The Times is definitely our favourite paper having featured us in their prestigious list. Even better, we were one of only 3 pubs to receive a ‘critics choice’ (and the list is not in any order). Click here to see our entry!

Bell features in December edition of “Britain”

The Bell features proudly this month in no lesser publication than “Britain – the official magazine.” Click here to read the article.

Want to know more about ‘The return of the Great British Inn’ wanted to know ‘what is an inn and why are they enjoying a resurgence?’ So they asked us… and a few of the other members of the Great Inns of Britain. To see the article we appear in just click here.

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