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Allergy Advice

Please inform us before purchase of any allergies. We provide an allergy sheet above for our take-away menu.


The Bell Inn Restaurant & Bar Area – opens shortly

Our cooking is based on simple ideas where big and bold flavours are king.  The menu always tries to use fresh, local produce where possible.  Not just since it became the fashion, but from way back when Christine’s mum ran the kitchen during the Second World War and would use meat from animals kept in what is now the car park. That tradition continues as Stephen Treadwell, our Head Chef, and his team regularly raid Christine’s garden for herbs and vegetables.

We are constantly trying to progress and improve our food but we are also wary of confusing fads and pretentious ideas with ‘progress’.  Like anyone in this industry who cares what they are doing, we are always affected by our reviews and critiques – usually along the simple lines of being delighted and ecstatic when someone says something nice about us and angry and hurt when it goes the other way!  Despite this our principal barometer for if we are getting things right or not, is how full the reservation book is.  Happily this continues to suggest that many of you agree with and support what we are trying to do.